The RAAMS Management Service provides:

1. Comfort in the knowledge:


When acquiring a new farm that the full potential of the enterprise is recognised, and programs implemented to maximise capital growth and year on year returns.

We will discuss and recommend to you the critical needs to improve property layout, improve production techniques, and ancillary activities to help you achieve budgeted returns.

You will gain an experienced, trusted professional working for you and representing your interests in the management of your farm and operation.


2. Strong Income stream management:


We maximise and prioritise your income by capitalising on market conditions, improving productivity through targeted development close monitoring of operating costs and experienced on farm management.


3. Time Management:


We manage the operation and provide regular reporting on your investment, so you do not have to be concerned about the day to day management allowing you to focus on your core business.


4. Increased property value – Capital gain:


We will provide advice on property development and management that will grow the value of your property investment providing market growth and strength in the knowledge that your property is being maintained in the best market ready state.


5. Established network of contacts:


We have an network of businesses that can provide assistance to your property investment including Accountants; Real Estate Agents; Bookkeepers; Solicitors; Agronomists; Contract Farmers(planting, spraying, fertilising) ; Fencing; Mustering; Rural Merchandise


We are able to arrange all the necessary contractors to undertake any agreed development works or operating programs for your property.

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Strategic advice on property acquisitions

Purchasing a property is one of the major decisions you may undertake in your lifetime. Properties can be purchased for longer term capital gain or an intergenerational acquisition for future family succession planning.

We are able to meet with you and discuss your strategic direction and requirements in selecting a property in the geographical region you are seeking and also in the type of agriculture you choose to be a part of.

This can range from:

  • Beef cattle

  • Dairy

  • Sheep for wool or meat production

  • Grain

  • Horticulture

  • Irrigation

  • Boutique/ niche produce.

Due diligence on property and machinery
Property management

We can provide due diligence reports on proposed acquisitions of properties and machinery or undertake a comprehensive review of your existing business to assist you in reaching purchasing or restructuring decisions to improve management and ensure the best use of capital is employed.


With many years of property management experience from small one or two person farming operations to large scale grazing and broadacre farming operations employing large numbers of staff we have the experience to manage your investment and maximise the returns in your farming business.

We are focused on utilising Best Management Practices for industry and Sustainable Agriculture practices to make your farming/grazing business the best it can possibly be in the region.

Property development

Property development is one of the keys to growth of production and capital gain in a farming enterprise. By focusing on key areas of development we can increase production in carrying capacity, production and yields.

Farms can be underdeveloped in not only infrastructure i.e., buildings etc. but also in pastures, waters, weed control and fencing. By building a strategic development plan over a number of years we can put in place a strong plan for future financial benefit and gain.

Human resource selection and management

Having the right people to work on your property will ensure your investment is being operated and managed to optimal performance. We only seek out and employ the highest quality staff with strong experience and skills who are hardworking and trustworthy.

We will ensure the people employed have the same loyalty and work ethic that we expect from ourselves and others in working with us.

Livestock managment

Management of livestock is a key to maximizing returns from any grazing operation. Knowledge of the husbandry requirements of all livestock ensures good health of livestock, growth and returns.

We have the experience and knowledge to ensure all livestock are managed in a sustainable way. We only utilise low stress stock handling skills and all stock are cared for in an environment that is beneficial to their welfare.

Marketing of livestock and grains

The marketing of livestock and or grain crops is one of the most important aspects of the management of an agribusiness. This is your payday and in agriculture this may come only once or twice a year. It is imperative that you maximise the returns you can earn from the work put in over the preceding period.

Our experience has enabled us to develop strong relationships with agents, feedlotters and processors and we can provide this to you to ensure the maximum returns on your produce.

Financial budgeting and reporting

Having a financial plan and budget is paramount in progressing forward in any type of business and agriculture is no different. Having the knowledge to build a financial model taking into consideration all of the factors that can impact on your farm business leads to an open and transparent budget that identifies all of the costs and potential income.


We have a strong background in Agribusiness Banking and can provide detailed financial modeling that identifies the risks and rewards that can be in agriculture. We are able to build a budget with you and then provide timely reports of actual results to budget so you are always kept abreast of the business.

Sourcing specialist advice and contractors

As in all business’s specialists and contractors are used to provide services to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved for the business and capital is retained by using contractors rather than undertaking certain tasks internally.

Agriculture operates under similar terms and it is commonplace to utilise specialists and contractors in this way.


We have established contacts in all areas of agricultural operation including:

  • Agronomists

  • Contract planters and harvesters

  • Earthmoving

  • Fencing

  • Fertiliser applications

  • Freight including livestock grain and general

  • Mustering

  • Vets

  • Weaning livestock

  • Weed Spraying

  • Yard building etc.

Workplace health and safety

Workplace Heath and Safety is extremely important in all businesses and particularly so in Agriculture. In recent years Agriculture has been one of the most dangerous careers by industry and this has led to an increased focus on this area.

At RAAMS are highly focused on Workplace Health and Safety and it is a key driver in any business we are part of. The safety of our employees is our number one concern and all steps are taken to ensure a safe workplace is operated within and our people come home as safely as they started the day.


We have developed our own range of policies and procedures for WH&S in Agriculture and have a strong belief in its ideals and objectives.